Mortgage preparation

One of the key factors in determining whether or not you will get approved for a loan and what rate you will pay is your credit score. It's important to know what your scores from the three major credit bureaus are, and you can get that information in a number of ways. There are paid services that offer a detailed report, and many credit card companies offer their customers free credit scores.

Once you know your credit score, there are a few things you can do to raise it. The first is to make sure there are no mistakes on your credit reports and dispute any problems if you find any. Second, if you have a balance that you can pay off, that will raise your score in most cases. Aside from that, there is little you can do on short notice other than to avoid opening new accounts, taking any new loans, or doing anything that requires a credit check (like getting a new cable provider or switching wireless carriers).

Revamp Credit Solutions specializes in helping individuals obtain their goals in home ownership. We collaborate with our referral partners and leverage wide-ranging experience in mortgage prep, to obtain premium mortgage preparation services.

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